What r u searching 4?

While today’s news for the internet is that Yahoo has topped Google as a desktop search engine, Kidscontent wonders what we are really searching for when we tap into the inter web? Is it just a vain search for a ‘u r SO HOT!’ from a loved one or are we actually phishing for something that could catch a new wave of cultural revolution in its multi-layered net?

In today’s post, Kidscontent Founder Claire Comins urges readers to take 5 musical compositions that have struck a chord over the past four decades. Listen wisely to discover these musical geniuses who really know how to grab mass media by the horns.

Jackson 5 on the Ed Sullivan Show, 1970.

What Makes You Beautiful
As ‘This Is Us’ rolls into movie theaters, here’s 1D’s original super-clean music video that won them the hearts of pre-teen and teen girls worldwide.

California Gurls
Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg


Everything Has Changed
Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran

First published Thursday August 22nd 2013 as a response to the blogpost ‘Who is me?’

Original readers of this blog will note that the 1D movie trailer has replaced The Beatles. This would not imply that these ‘Five Normal Lads Having the time of their life’ have ousted the Fab Four, simply that they are currently in the top spot. It should also be said that the music of The Beatles is inherent in all pop music – no doubt in my mind that all five artists listed here can play at least one set of Beatles songs by heart.
While My Guitar Gently Weeps