Find Lily in the Ã…ppStore
For girls ages 7 to 11
Launched in 2012, Lily is an example of what could be created in an interactive 30-page magazine created exclusively for the iPad.

The mission of Lily is to encourage girls to get creative with apps. It is packed with activities, stories and games alongside animations and artwork created by readers themselves.

Everything readers need to enjoy the digital magazine is within the app, making Lily good-value entertainment for girls to enjoy wherever they go.

Created on a shoe-strong budget, the test issue of Lily was an exciting introduction to developing an app for this target market. It got great support and feedback and showed huge potential for further development, particularly as a collaboration with a girls brand. Although no longer available on the AppStore, Kidscontent would be delighted to hear from interested partners. Meantime, the Lily song by Charles Mace is free to enjoy on YouTube.

Lily featured No1